Candle Stands: Just About To Light Up Your Home

We firmly believe candle light is by far the most soothing and romantic kind of lighting! Before you choose that this is not for you, consider the convenience and the capacity of a candle light setting to change a long, tiring office day or a dull weekend into a unique memory. Not just does a candle light up the space around it, a candle roosted on a candle stand is wonderful to take a look even when it is unlit. There is an extensive mixture of candles accessible in distinctive shapes and sizes. Doubtlessly, distinctive sorts of candles are suited to diverse sorts of candle stands. Here are some candle stand & tea light holders to help you choose what is most appropriate to your own taste and home decor style!

Pillar Candle StandsPillar Candles

As the name suggests, pillar candles are a pillar of wax with one or more wicks. Pillar candles are usually round or square and do not necessarily need a candle stand. However, these candles can be placed inside lanterns or shaded candle stands to protect them from being blown out by the breeze.

Tea Light HoldersTea Light Holders

Tea Lights are the most common forms of candles today. They come in multiple colours and fragrances. Standard tea light candle size is 38 mm diameter by 16 mm. Tea light stands usually have a section cut out such that when a tea light is placed in it, the top of the wax is flush with the candle holder. Tea lights are rarely used singularly due to the low intensity of light given out by them.

Votive Candle StandVotive

Votive candles were created originally for religious services but have since become a part of home decor. Simply put, a votive candle can be understood as the shrunken version of a pillar candle. These candles can technically be used with or without a candle stand but a candle should never be lit without being placed on a candle stand. Like pillar candles, votive candles can be placed in lanterns or shaded candle stands or on candle stands with a central pin that pierces through the base of the candle.

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