Stunning Wooden Candle Holders For All Purposes!

Earlier candle holder was mere a necessity! However, with the next gen the idea of candle holder has changed completely. Today, candle holders are more about lifestyle, home decoration and building up the right impression in front of your guests and visitors. Whether you want a subtle, soft and romantic decoration for your bedroom or want to give a unique experience to your guests by lighting up your driveway with candles or tea lights, you will find wooden candle holders for all purpose at Take a sneak peak of our candle holders offering for  decorating your home sweet home:

Brown and Gold Candle Stand


Big Square Sleeper Wood Candle Holder



Brown Candle Holder Set-of-3


Small Golden Glass Votive

small-golden-glass-votive-os-gv-01-100-1These are some quick snippets of some our candle holder collection… To view the entire galore of candle stand & tea light holders click here. 



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